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  • What is 000Kicks?
    000Kicks is the one and only platform that brings together art designers, shoe enthusiasts, and collectors.
  • What makes 000KICKS different from fast fashion brands?
    We transcend fast fashion with our emphasis on collectables. Our shoes are not just trends but timeless pieces of wearable art carefully curated for individual expression.
  • How does the Monthly Limited Collection work?
    Our Monthly Limited Collection features exclusive, one-of-a-kind shoe drops. Reserve your favourite pair during the live collection, and we meticulously craft and ship them to you, ensuring a unique and artistic experience with every step.
  • Is the number of shoes limited? If so, how do I know how many shoes are left?
    The number of each collection issued is limited. Once a collection is live, the designs are never replicated. The number of shoes in circulation is displayed on the shop page.
  • Does rarity affect the price of a shoe pair?
    Yes. Many factors can influence the price of a shoe pair. The number of shoes in circulation, the creator, the cost of production, etc
  • Who are the artists behind 000KICKS?
    We collaborate with diverse talents worldwide, each bringing a unique style and story to our collections. Explore the profiles in the Artists section to discover the minds shaping our designs.
  • Where does 000KICKS ship to?
    Worldwide. We offer global shipping, bringing our wearable art to enthusiasts worldwide.
  • How do I reserve a pair from the Monthly Limited Collection?
    When the collection is live, select your desired pair, buy it and consider it reserved. We appreciate your patience as we prepare your unique shoes for shipment.
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