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Welcome to the creative heartbeat of 000Kicks, where every pair of shoes is a canvas for artistic expression. Our artists are the visionaries behind the designs, bringing their unique perspectives and styles to redefine footwear as wearable art.

Meet the minds shaping our Drops

Drop #001

Explore the Drop #001, the first-ever collection from 000Kicks. Five pairs, five unique tales. A celebration of cultural expression.

Discover the diversity in our debut collection - a fusion of global styles and influences.

Marcelo Pinel


Marcelo Pinel, also known as Cyber ​​Mystic Garden, is a Brazilian artist with a degree in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, also an arts teacher and trained in Art Therapy.

He has been working with digital art for 7 years with an emphasis on 3D animation. His work is sold on the main NFT markets worldwide, in addition to working on collaborations and commissions for companies and artists around the world.

He has participated in several international publications and exhibitions such as NFT Paris, NFT Rio, Sound+Vision EmpireDAO in NY, NFT ENERGY 1,3 and 7 in Seoul, PsyDAO in London as well as several renowned exhibitions in the Metaverse such as Pupila Dilatada II and Here and Now.

Marcelo Pinel's work is like magical windows with scenes and revelations full of symbolism and spirituality.

His work covers topics such as alchemy, mythology, mysticism, archetypes, psychology, dreams, astrology, ancient cultures and any other topic that fascinates your inner child.

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Igor Frayo

Russia - UAE

My name is Igor Frayo. I am a graffiti artist and have been painting since 2006. Originally, I am from cold Russia. 'Frayo' is my art pseudonym which I had taken at the beginning of my artistic path. For 17 years, my passion for graffiti almost immediately turned into a profession, which greatly influenced the technique and manner of painting.

Every year, MES CREW and I do more than 30 projects on interior and exterior painting, regularly we take part in different exhibitions, art events and competitions - such as BRED, Stenograffia, Combonation, Street Vision and many others. 
I am also keen on painting on canvases and this year I had an exhibition in Dubai.

2 years ago I began to work in 3D modeling and Unreal Blueprints, and I actively implement 3D in my graffiti and art works. 

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Çello, My name is BOGS. I'm an illustrator and graphic designer based in Greece with a degree in Visual Arts from the University of West Attica faculty of graphic arts and printing technologies.

For as long as I can remember, I have always written and painted everywhere I wanted (Maybe it's my creative side). I work with my self-published projects and freelance graphic design jobs. I used to spray walls, print on my diy studio, shoot with my analogue camera and sketch every day.

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Project Hippocampus


Project Hippocampus is a community multi-venue specializes in comic books (new but & old rare releases). As an exhibition space, it has a permanent collection of Kampos Publications, including works by many vital creators. Also, it hosts & displays various exhibitions at regular intervals.

Inside the space is archived printed material to record and study, with over 2,000 domestic self-published comics, fanzines & street publications. Apart from self-publishing, there is also archival material with the "legitimate" editions of comics released in Greece.

Comics classes are also delivered, and lectures, workshops, screenings, and other events are held to spread the 9th Art.

Hippocampus project is organizing the annual LA Comics Festival, an event focusing on the field of the 9th Art, addressing art and comics lovers, drawers, illustrators, animators, readers, students of visual communication and multimedia, teachers & students, parents & children.

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Rispa 04


Rispa 04 is a young artist based in the Netherlands.


His primary influence is the street life and how streets can change our mindset, especially when it’s combined with art. At this time he is trying to learn different medias such as Analog photography, and digital art but in the past his basic media was Sprays and Acrylic paint.

Rispa is also a member of ETK crew, a greek art team and he has also collaborated with many hip hop artists such as the legendary group ONYX.

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